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The patient receives a text with a welcome message from their practice and a tailored pre-appointment message relating to the specific reason for their appointment. The patient taps the link to view the practice branded short video content that informs the patient about their upcoming appointment and informs them about their options and what to expect before they commit to a procedure. Short procedure video topics include, but are not limited to cataract, LASIK and other refractive procedures (SMILE, PRK, ICL), Dry Eye Syndrome (DES), astigmatism, hyperopia, myopia, presbyopia, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. In addition, the patient is presented with immediate call or email buttons to ask any questions of the practice.

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Once the patient agrees to the surgical procedure and has a scheduled date, the patient will receive a text with a link to view their brief video focused on preparations they should make leading up to their procedure. They will learn more about their options and choices they can make prior to their procedure to achieve their vision goals and outcomes. The day before surgery, the patient will receive a short video that educates them on what they can expect during their day of surgery with detailed pre-op expectations including eating, drinking and medication management, surgery schedule and timing, care companion strategy and more.

Post-Op, Home Care and Maintenance

After the patient’s procedure is complete, they will receive a series of short educational videos in sequence from Same Day Post-Op to 1 Day Post-Op, 1 Week Post-Op and 1 Month Post-Op. The patient will receive detailed recommendations on how to manage their recovery at home for optimal post-surgical outcomes. For many eye conditions, home care and maintenance is one of the most important factors for treating and preventing further degradation. The Ophthalmology Suite “drips” short educational content to patients to help them stay compliant with treatment plans and then sends reminders when it’s time to reorder products, so they don’t go without.
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The Comprehensive Patient Experience

Ophthalmology Suite

$499 / monthly

Each step of the process is strategically integrated into the journey your patients follow. Our innovative and simple-to-use tools can help you communicate with patients directly using short video and message content curated specifically to meet your clinical and patient needs. A patient receives a practice-branded text message prior to their appointment, or in your office. Alternatively, the patient can choose to initiate a similar experience preparing them for their appointment. End-to-end education of the patient is provided; from pre-appointment to your diagnosis and recommended treatment plan post-procedure to appropriate home care treatments from the biggest brands in the industry, patient knowledge gaps are filled along their journey with your practice and product remedies you recommend to patients are seamlessly available for purchase within their CareCart. There is no more inventory to stock and we share the profit with you. The best part for your patient?
No App, No Email, No Downloads, No Login.

Fully Customized For Your Practice

Mobile Intelligent Text

A patient will be directed by your staff and/or by lobby-displayed collateral to read a QR code or text a code in order to watch the relevant video content. These text codes will be created for your practice and be unique to you. Your patients will use these codes to access the educational content.

Mobile Intelligent Video Page

Upon QR code “read” or by clicking the link to the educational content from their smartphone, patients will be sent to a video landing page designed exclusively with your practice’s branding and contact information. This page will present all relevant short video content for the patient to browse and watch at their height of interest and time of need.

In-Practice Materials

Printed materials throughout the office and textable guides will further promote the usage of the Ophthalmologic video guide, as a way to educate patients in a more consistent and efficient manner. The ultimate goal is to elevate the patient conversations and offer a convenient and powerful conversion tool to get patients to schedule necessary procedures and deliver compelling information about premium services you offer.

Medical Advisory Board of Ophthalmology

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