NO APP | NO LOGIN | NO EMAIL Introducing a revolutionary way to engage
with patients through appless mobile video
and grow your practice
Your Formula for Success

Mobile Intelligence Platform

Proprietary text and video messaging. Powerful audience reach of any size. Intuitive use by your patients and staff.

Story Living Content

3 Types of Curated Video Content: Episodic, Drip and Event-based.


Height of Interest

Communicate with optimal impact: when Height of Interest and Time of Need converge.


Save Time

Spend it deepening your patient relationships. No more repetitive instruction. Just simple, consistent, short 90-second video messages.


Diagnosis Remedy

Your diagnosis requires the proper remedy. You decide, recommend the remedy and participate in patient product purchase.


Proven Metrics

This formula is no hypothesis. Proven to: Elevate patient experience. Increase patient capture rates and revenues. Improve staff productivity.

The Comprehensive Patient Experience

The Patient Process



Let’s say your patient is an excellent candidate for a cataract surgery. Instead of repeating your typical “why this procedure is important for their health” pitch, tell them to text 72000 with your unique code.

Watch & Learn

The patient watches three 1-minute videos to better understand why they are a good candidate for a cataract surgery procedure. This quickly helps transfer knowledge and increase acceptance.


Now that the patient has more knowledge and insight about the process, case acceptance and conversion can be expedited. Patients can quickly inquire about an appointment.

Medical Advisory Board of Optometry

Medical Advisory Board of Ophthalmology