Powerful Patient Engagement and Short Video Storytelling delivered through Mobile Intelligence. The Right Message at the Right Time.

Pre-Appointment Assessment

The patient receives a text with a link to their assessment, which gives a score for their eye condition. This assessment will be reviewed in the office at chair-side during the exam.

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In Office

Each step of the process is strategically integrated into the journey
your patients follow. Our innovative and simple-to-use tools can
help you communicate with patients directly using short video and
message content curated specifically to your and your patients’ needs.


Pre-appointment Education and Assessment

Build patient confidence in advance of exam.

Our system integrates seamlessly with the experience your patients already follow during their interaction with your practice. Using mobile intelligence, patients are guided through the process every step of the way, and given the right information at the right time.


Chairside Exam & Diagnosis

Deliver Education & Recommendations Via Text

The pre-appointment assessment score is referenced during your chairside exam when your diagnosis is given. A link is sent to the patient which provides information about their condition and recommended products for home care.


Patient Confidence & Knowledge

Instructions for care before, during and after procedures. 

Our system integrates seamlessly with the experience patients already follow during their interaction with your practice. Patients are guided through the process every step of the way, and given the right information at the right time.


Chairside or Front Desk Checkout

Capture reviews from satisfied patients at the height of delight.

Getting more 5-star reviews online can have a powerful impact on driving more business and increasing revenue. The Optometry Suite allows you to easily send a review request via text to your patients or self-initiate at checkout.


Home Care and Maintenance

For many eye conditions, such as dry eye, home care and maintenance is one of the most important factors for treating and preventing further degradation. The Ocular Suite drips educational content to patients to help them stay compliant with treatment plans. Then sends reminders when it’s time to reorder products so they don’t go without.

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The Comprehensive Patient Experience

Optometry Suite

$299 / monthly

A patient receives a practice-branded text message prior to their appointment preparing and guiding them through your office workflow, or in your office, the patient can choose to initiate a similar experience preparing them for their exam. Pre-appointment assessment, diagnosis and your recommended treatment plan and remedy from the biggest brands in the industry. No inventory to stock and we share the profit with you. The best part for your patient?

No App, No Login, No Downloads.

Fully Customized For Your Practice


A patient will be directed by your staff and/or by lobby-displayed collateral to read a QR code or text a code in order to watch the relevant video content. These text codes will be created for your practice and be unique to you. Your patients will use these codes to access the educational content.

Video Page

Upon QR code “read” or by clicking the link to the educational content from their smartphone, patients will be sent to a video page designed exclusively with your practice’s branding and contact information. This page will contain the video content.


Printed materials throughout the office and textable guides will further promote the usage of VideoTextTM as a way to educate patients more synergistically and efficiently. The ultimate goal is to save your staff time and offer a convenient and powerful conversion tool to get patients to schedule necessary procedures.

Add PushConnect™

$399 / monthly

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A digital communication solution that allows you to directly send your video message to ALL your patients on their mobile phones. Many practices use this to announce office COVID protocols, unique office hours, promotions, or other informational content.

Practices can send short, mobile video communications directly to the patients’ mobile devices. Patients stay updated on the latest office news, precautions, and procedures before they show up to their appointment. Patients can also single click call or schedule their next appointment.

Medical Advisory Board of Optometry

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