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We combine the undeniable power of story with seasoned Ophthalmic knowledge from leading Ophthalmologists who participate on our Medical Advisory Board and finally, frictionless delivery of expertly-curated short-form, educational videos through our proprietary mobile intelligence engine direct to the patients’ most intimate device.

This takes a sizable burden off of the surgeon and your staff to field the numerous questions most all patients have when anxious about an upcoming consultation, surgical procedure, and post-op care and recovery. Ophthalmology practices of all sizes are reaping up to six, and sometimes seven-figure, revenues from increases in premium services using our solution.

Patients are empowered with the right knowledge at their height of interest and time of need. Closing these knowledge gaps for patients contributes to improved adherence and recovery and higher patient satisfaction.

Our improved patient journey is founded on three critical pillars and the experience has three key phases:

Mobile Intelligence Engine

This is how the platform works — it instantly engages patients on the devices they love at the height of interest and time of need.

Video StoryCraft

This is how the platform engages — it rewards patients with bite-sized videos that close critical knowledge gaps, address concerns, and drive positive health outcomes.

Effortless Access

This is how the platform builds relationships across the healthcare domain — it optimizes experts’ time and energy by guiding patients to make confident decisions at their height of interest, to comply with care plans at their time of need, and to deliver feedback at their height of delight.



Before the patient steps foot in your office, they’ll receive a welcome text message specifically tailored to their concern. They then watch a short video, branded to your practice, giving them an overview of their upcoming appointment, procedure options and more.



Procedures, no matter how minor, can be scary for a patient. This sequence of videos educates the patient about their concerns, what happens during their procedure, as well as important information they need to prepare. This helps reduce patient anxiety and fields questions otherwise directed at your staff.

Post-Op, Home Care and Maintenance

Once the patient goes home, there’s still a lot they need to know about their recovery. This final sequence of videos reminds them of important post-op care, as well as helps manage expectations regarding their recovery. It is the last step in helping make sure their treatment is a success.

The Comprehensive Patient Experience

Personalized For Your Practice

With up to 10 comprehensive Ophthalmology procedure short video series available covering most major and minor pre-consultation, pre-op and post-op surgical topics, our expertly-crafted and curated brief video content is available to you for a small monthly subscription. We also provide your practice with printed and digital TouchCards and brochures to help start the patient journey.


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