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Who is Ocular Innovations?

Ocular Innovations was founded on providing next-generation video text technology to bridge the treatment recommendation knowledge gap between doctors and their patients.

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HOYA Visionary Alliance + Ocular Innovations

HOYA and Ocular Innovations partnership is designed to provide a next-generation engagement experience for patients and customers of Eye Care Professionals (ECP) committed to sell and promote HOYA products.

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Optometry Suite™

$299 / monthly

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A practice growth solution that improves your patient experience while saving your staff time. We created a library of short videos on the most repetitively discussed topics to close those knowledge gaps with our medical advisory board’s guidance. This mobile solution delivers content to the patient, pre-appointment, in the lobby, chairside, or post-appointment without the need to download an app or create a log in. We can even generate additional revenue with our complete E-commerce solution for your patients.

5 Star Review

$59 / monthly

The new frictionless way to have your clients leave their best reviews at their Height of Delight


All the client has to do is send a text, click the link, then press POST to leave your business’s next 5-Star Review.


Automated review systems are great, but you know the moment that your customer is at their Height of Delight, and that’s when they’ll leave their best review.


You can’t buy the height of your customer’s delight, but you can capture it to help bring more customers through the door.

HOYA Bundle Pricing

Optometry Suite™ | 5 Star Review

$99 One-Time Set Up Fee

$239 / monthly

Ask your local sales representative about the HOYA Marketing Support Programs to further offset your monthly subscription fee!

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